the first post… eek

Okay so here goes, my first post! I have always loved writing and over the past 8 years it has become a sort of sanctuary for me. I had another blog (ptsd-recovery) but sadly through becoming to ill to post I kinda neglected it, so now I want to start a fresh! Although I have major trust issues I have learnt that sometimes you have to bite the bullet and be open and honest so here are 10 facts about me…
1. I am 18
2. I am female
3. I am sitting my alevels at the moment (biology, chemistry and physics)
4. I have battled mental illness for 8 years
5. I am pretty damn stubborn, a trait that I think has helped me survive the unsurvivable (according to the doctors who in my opinion need to think of some better lines than “you shouldn’t be alive”)
6. I have tried to commit suicide but was unsuccessful and I know I will not try again (if not for me for my family
7. I have 2 offers to study veterinary medicine commencing in September and I am soooo excited
8. I am severely allergic to nuts
9. My favourite hobbies include horse riding, climbing, karate, singing, dancing and sewing
10. My biggest aim in life is to help the other warriors out there battling mental health- after all what’s the point in going through hell if you can’t use it to help others?
So there you go some exciting facts about me! Please ask anything you want, I’m always happy to help!
Woo muchos excitement that my blogging journey here has begun!

Georgie x


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