Being more dog

A year ago I rescued a staffie called Fudge, he is only 2 but has had a rough start in life. He has been abused and abandoned multiple times before winding up here with me. But despite it all he is a relaxed and loving dog and all he wants to do is cuddle, go on walks and eat! I often look at him and wish that I was able to move on as he has, to live in the moment and just take each challenge as it comes! So despite my so called “higher order reasoning” my dog seems to understand how to enjoy life much better than me at times! Therefore i am deliberately trying to ignore my inner control freak and just live in the moment. If Fudgey can release the pain of the past surely I can too right? At the end of the day if I lived feeling bitter, angry and held back by past traumas all the time I know I won’t achieve my full potential- what I’m capable of.
So my challenge to you… Be more dog… Don’t dwell on the things that bring you down, move on and enjoy life!!



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