When did the “r” word become funny?

I don’t know if this is just me being sensitive but the word “rape” seems to be more and more commonplace in daily life. Now I don’t want to moan and get all self righteous but it’s something I find really hard to deal with. Having it laughed and joked about by my peers always makes me feel isolated and alone- I will never be like those people, those “normal” people, and I morn for my loss of young teenage ignorance. And crazy as it seems hearing jokes about rape course me to question whether it is that much of a crime: am I just over sensitive? Were the people in my past committing a horrible crime against me? I have been working so hard to believe they have, to try and ease the self loathing and guilt I feel with each breath I take, safe in the knowledge that they were wrong and I was innocent. I know that my reaction is only this extreme because of my past, but am I the only one who feels like this?
For those who have any experience at all of rape it is obvious that it is not something to be joked about. Nothing about it is even vaguely amusing unless you are a sadistic sociopath who enjoys the pain of others. So another question I have is should rape be used in jokes in TV shows like fresh meat that are popular and viewed by many impressionable people? And is the use and desensitisation of the word “rape” in TV shows the reason why so many people seem at ease using the “r” word in our society? I mean I know we should all be aware of the issues and make any victims of this sort of abuse at ease enough with the word to speak up, but I guess my real fear is this: if rape can be joked about day in day out does it make men and women think that it is kind of acceptable? Not such a condemnable offence? Now I’m sure that this is just me overthinking everything but I guess I wanted to state publicly and from a survivor of abuses point of view that joking about rape is not okay. Making jokes that you will rape someone is not okay. And making jokes that someone else will rape you is not okay. Not now and not ever because rape is a crime and the victim has to live with the horrific mental scars for the rest of their life.
Ahem so yeah think I’ve stopped ranting now… I’m sorry to all of you out there who do not joke so openly about rape, and I hope this post might make someone, anyone, think about their use of the “r” word, because for me and other survivors the “r” word can really feel like a life sentence, something that I will never be able to joke about.


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