Breaking the rules

Okay so as a society we need to obey certain rules but every once in a while it’s so damn therapeutic to rebel! Here are some of my fave rules to break…
1. Do not harm others… Please forgive me if I sound a lil bit like a psychopath but sometimes I like to imagine physically hurting and/or killing the people who have hurt me. I guess I just wish they could understand the pain they have caused me, and for once not enjoy it. In fact if I can’t sleep and feel out of control I like to imagine that they are at my mercy. Of course to follow through with these thoughts would be detrimental to my progress and dwelling on thoughts of revenge and retribution isn’t healthy but that doesn’t mean it isn’t bloody therapeutic at times!
2. Eating healthy… So 9 times out of 10 choosing the healthy food will make you feel better inside and out, however sometimes you just need that large slice of cake or chippy tea! Some of the happiest and most relaxed moments of my life involve a couple of friends, a good film and some good old fashioned comfort food. Even if I’m struggling with school work a tea break with a cheeky chocolate digestive somehow massively lift my mood and lower my stress levels! I’m all about marginal gains and if you need a few calories to increase your mood or productivity do it!!
3. Listen to the doctors… Alright I’ll admit it, sometimes these professionals know what they’re talking about and following their instruction is useful. However even if doctors are good at fixing your body it’s only you who has the power to heal your mind. One doctor I met thought that I shouldn’t go to school as the extra stress was making me more seriously ill but I couldn’t imagine anything worse than just being confined to my house for my “recovery” I would go truly mad. So I continued to go to school, to socialise and to maintain a normal routine and I got better! Another general observation of doctors is that they can be quite pessimistic- probably cos they are in fear of being sued for giving false hope as that is the money grabbing society we live in- so if you find yourself being told that you will never do *insert activity here* again don’t listen, I am a big believer in “where there’s a will there’s a way”.
4. Do not admit to loved ones that your ill… Generally this is a rule I live by, or try to live by, but sometimes reaching out to those around you is the only way for you to realise how loved and supported you are. In the past this has helped me remain focused when I feel like I’m loosing all control.
5. Do not talk back to or disobey your elders… As a British child I was raised on the ol Ps and Qs and being a polite, well mannered and even tempered little girl but sometimes it’s important to show those people who think they are “in charge” of you that they cannot push you around. Remember as a general rule that those of the older generation do not have the same understanding of mental illness, and therefore may say things that are frankly ridiculous e.g. The classic “suck it up this is life, it’s the same for you as it is for anyone else”. But just because they are older and more assertive than you does not mean they are right and it can be verrrry useful to remind them of this. I fine this particularly empowering and helps me to remember that I’m not necessarily in the wrong nor am I a push over- dammit I am a strong independent woman who don’t take no shit from nobody even if it comes across as “rude”.
So there you have it folks just a couple of general rules I love to break I mean talk about empowering, therapeutic and stress relieving activities!! And what led me to write this lil blog…? Well you nosey things it’s cos me and my bestie spent a good 40 mins plotting the downfall, pain and death of a certain someone who isn’t even worth the chewing gum discarded on the street!!
Ciao Chiccas, in a bizzzzzle 😀


2 thoughts on “Breaking the rules

  1. headgamesptsd

    One of my favorite rules to break is removing the tag from a mattress or pillow that states do not remove this tag under penalty of law. I’m such a rebel. 🙂


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