I am always searching for new ways to distract myself and occupy my busy mind particularly at night and, as you can probably tell by the caps lox title I am pretty excited about this latest discovery! Okay so it’s just a simple children’s toy but I swear finding this was a truly magical moment. It is made up of all these triangular blocks and you basically twist and turn it into all sorts of shapes. I have only owned this for 24 hrs but it’s already helped reduce my urges to self harm- probably because it keeps my hands and mind occupied 😉 in my personal opinion this is far better than any rubix cube as it allows me to be creative. You start off just experimenting and twisting the shapes one way and another having no idea where it will end up and then BAM suddenly your holding a giraffe or a ship. And you just keep going till your happy with the outcome- something I try to do everyday (when I’m in a positive mood!). So I dedicate this blog to the fabulous people who created this twisty, creaty, toy-thing! 😀



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