Don’t count sheep- count fish!

Recently I have a new technique for helping me relax at night and get to sleep. It’s an idea I saw on the internet and I am finding it so helpful that I thought I would share…
So I saw that a fellow PTSD sufferer found that watching fish was really relaxing and as I was finding sleep particularly elusive I decided to try it. I am now the proud owner of a tank of beautiful tropical fishies. And I have to say whether it’s placebo or not it’s working. During the day the tank is lit up with standard white light then during the night I switch the lighting to the blue setting- which is also very settling. I will lie in my bed and watch the fishies swimming around making up stories of the goings on within the tank, like is Zorro hiding behind the rock cos he is spying on Raphael?! And I finding my pulse slowing and my eyes getting heavy and off I drift to sleep, yep sleep. So dont count sheep, count fish!



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