Hey Wordpress, it’s been a while!

So I havnt blogged in a couple months and while I don’t wish to rant can I just say that silver dofe then gold dofe then backpacking with the family then not getting the alevel results I wanted I have been just a little preoccupied… But enough of my excuses I’m back! And I think that having another year at home will be for the best as I will have some more time to sort me out. I will also factor in resitting a couple of modules, work experience and some trekking expeditions for charity. So there we go- I am remaining pretty positive really and am determined not to feel crappy about my friends going off to uni and me remaining at home. Luckily one of my bestest friends is taking a year out to work and travel etc so I can see her like whenever so that’s fabby, and I can go and visit ALL my friends universities! Oh and btw I am being a strong confident and most importantly INDEPENDENT woman who don’t need no man. -this is something I feel is important to note as although frequently feeling alone I think that there is no point rushing into a relationship “needing” the man (or woman) if really your just unhappy with yourself. Wow cheeky bit of wisdom for you!

So all excuses are out in the open and I am back to blogging about whatever the hell crosses my mind 😉



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