*something philosophical about everything happening for a reason*

So 3 days ago (Thursday 14th August) I got my alevel results they were A B C so not exactly the 3As that I needed to meet the conditions of my offer for veterinary medicine. However the B was almost an A and the C was almost a B, enter remarks or as I like to think of them the “FUCKING HELL IM STILL WAITING AND UNABLE TO MAKE PLANS” marks. So here I am waiting to find out if they have gone up or not and the universities I have offers at will hold my place until i have these marks- I am pretty sure they won’t have gone up (knowing my luck) so what I want to be doing is making decisions on what to do to reapply but alas I cannot. I am trying to remain calm but I have re-tidyd my sock draw for the 3rd time today, helped as many people as humanly possible at the yard and keep writing lists of contacts to call and places to apply for part time work. So as you can see staying calm is going reaalllly well…
Praise The Lord that I’m a resilient gal though as I am ready to reapply for veterinary this year, possibly with some spare change from part time work and having improved my riding ability by ridding more challenging horses this year. And praise The Lord that my true friends are being totally supportive and still have faith in me some day becoming a vet 🙂
My list of things I can do this year while reapplying to uni:
1. Get some head space from the social and academic pressures of Alevels
2. Spend some more quality time with my psychiatrist as frankly I need too haha
3. Loose some weight and get fitter
4. Become more involved in my fav charity Samaritans
5. Get to ride some fabulous horses for different people which will improve my horse ridding ability
6. Earn some money from part time work
7. Get a couple more qualifications- even just first aid as it’s all useful stuff ya know
8. Improve my knitting, crotchet and sewing skills now that I will have the time
9. Go out and work for the summer season on a ranch
10. Possibly go travelling or climbing somewhere abroad
My point in all this being that yes I could be bitter and sad and wallow in my er failure but NO I shall be positive and instead say….
MAYBE EVERYTHING DOES HAPPEN FOR A REASON (I mean if you don’t believe me just read the above list of things I will be able to do this year instead of going off to uni like most of my fellow year 13s)


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