Okay so about a month ago I got a tattoo, an let me tell you why…
I have a scar on my left shoulder from a trauma I went through about 8 years ago. Every time I saw it I remembered. I felt out of control, frustrated and worst of all crazy. I knew I needed to reclaim that part of my body but I also knew that I had no idea how. So one day whilst doodling I started drawing over the scar in eyeliner, I liked the effect and so within a week the tattoo appointment was booked! Tbh I was shitting it as I have huge anxiety surrounding needles but I had my fantastic friend lizzle with me to hold my hand. My tattoo is a running horse with a swirly menia on each side. It’s my own personal symbol of strength and freedom (two things I have spent years striving for). I love my tattoo and I think it’s probably the most empowering thing I have ever done! Now when I look at my shoulder I see my tattoo, something I have put there myself and it makes me feel so damn good. I have named the horse Lou after the most amazing strong women I have ever known and who is sadly no longer here with me. So there you go no one would of thought that I would get a tattoo being a OCD goody goody on the outside but there is a strong rebellious streak in me and tbh I think it is the only reason I have got through everything I have.

So I am officially tattooed and a strong confident women who owns every centimetre of her body 😉



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