I am NO LONGER counting calories

While on holiday in France my overly enthusiastic parents suggested I get this calorie counting app. Now for most this would be a useful aid in weight loss, dieting or just keeping track of what your eating vs how much exercising your doing, however as I’m sure this blog has established I’m not a standard sorta human being… So this app quickly went from a dieting tool to an obsessive compulsion due to my addictive personality. All the time I was on this app inputting every calorie and every footstep I took. It only took a few days to become all I ever thought about distracting me from things that really matter and causing major panic attacks at the mere thought of going out for a meal. By the end of the week I was panicking and verging on psychotic if the calories I had left over at the end of the day wasn’t a multiple of 9 (my safe number). I would march up and down the stairs to burn stray calories and other times I would stuff as much food down my face as possible before panicking and throwing up despite the fact that i am terrified of vomiting.
Skip ahead 3/4 days and I was on the floor of the bathroom in a cold sweat having been sick and I thought to myself WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?! I knew what I was doing was far from healthy and frankly it felt like a time bomb, I was heading to self destruct. I wish I could say that I deleted the sodding app there and then but of course I couldn’t I tried and the extras (my pet name for the voices in my head) kicked off big style. So I was in a right old pickle but was determined that I would stop this ridiculousness.
On day 1 of stopping counting I made myself wait a whole 1 minuet after feeling the compulsion before entering what I had just eaten. At the end of the day I had 471 calories left and as 471 is a multiple of 3 (but not 9) I clicked the finish day button. These things may sound daft but trust me this was some hard core compulsion busting.
Day 2 and I was waiting 2 mins before adding entries and I started approximating every 3rd entry not painstakingly weighing everything out.
Day 3 I had increased the waiting till 5mins and every other entry was an approximate and not precise. On this day I decided to hit the finish day button without looking at how many calories I had left over*
*i should note at this point that I had a huge panic attack as you can’t go back on your action to finish the day to sort out whether the residual calories where a safe number or not.
Day 4 and every food item consumed was approximated and I stopped putting in all of the walking I was doing around the yard in the exercise section.
Day 5 carried on much the same…
Day 6 (today) I DELETED THE APP!! I mean am I still freaked out and pumped with adrenaline yep but I am also proud that I have successfully (fingers crossed) removed a bad compulsion before it damaged my health and relationships with those around me. Bam I am hearing Stevie off Miranda singing “what ‘ave you done today to make ya feel praaouuud” in my head. So yeah I think that concludes today’s blog! Woo I am so pumped!


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