5 Important Things!

So I don’t want to steal Martin Luther kings saying but- I have a dream that one day I can start a charity to help people with mental health problems particularly those who feel suicidal. I know there are plenty of charities out there but I want mine to be super accessible particularly for younger people. I want to help people with just managing some of the daily challenges that come with mental health problems. Another main aim of my charity would be to raise awareness particularly in these 5 important areas…
1. Anyone could be affected by mental health issues your family members, friend, neighbour or even you, it’s more common than you would think.
2. In my opinion the bravest thing a person can do is admit that they have a mental health condition and that they need help. Like seriously that takes balls!
3. Mental illness is a REAL illness that can be just as debilitating as a physical illness, seriously affecting a persons quality of life and can even be life threatening.
4. There is a lot of help available if your just willing to reach out, it doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, friend, doctor, counsellor or helpline there are many options available to suit your personal preferences.
5. Feeling suicidal doesn’t have to be a life sentence you can turn things around and enjoy life again.
So there ya go a tad serious I know but I wanted to put some ideas out there while I could remember them… Yeah memory isn’t my strong point…


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