A typical ‘me’ moment

So today I was in B&M bargains when suddenly, out of nowhere, I realised I really needed to wee. And when I say really I mean reeealllly. Sadly there are no public toilets or cafe nearby- like seriously, why are there no toilets?! It became apparent that I did not have the time to pay for my items and drive home. Shit. What did I do? It’s not like I’m even a pregnant lady or anything :L so I did a thing that I am not proud of… Please understand that this was a case of desperate times call for desperate measures. Pinky promise.
*i walked slightly wobbly toward an assistant*
Me: excuse me, I, I think I’m going to be sick
Assistant: erm…
Me: do you have a toilet I don’t want to be sick on your floor
Assistant: we only have a staff toilet that customers can’t use
Me: I, I just *slight gag and small tear* don’t want to be sick on your floor
Assistant: *sighs* right follow me
*off we went and I used the staff toilet*
Okay I know it was wrong I manipulated this lovely assistants good nature but heyho like I said earlier if I didn’t I would of pissed on her floor and she would of had to clean it so really I did her a favour.
Note: don’t repeat this please it was not one of my finer moments!


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