Mental Illness -> Mental Opportunity

So not to seem negative or anything but some people are saddened with mental illness for their entire life. A dreary prospect I know however I believe that we should not try to “beat” or “battle” these illnesses. Your mind is a powerful thing so I reckon the best thing to do is to learn to harness your unique mental opportunity an figure out a happy medium of working with it. I know it sounds ridiculous but if your constantly battling your own mind your just gonna end up tired. So here we go some positives to extract/ my own personal opinions as per haha…
SCHIZOPHRENIA- I think you mean many different points of view on tap inside your own head.
OCD- or simply the best organisation and cleanliness ever?!
Anxiety Disorder- feeling shit scared everyday gives you the opportunity to become one of the bravest people around!
Depression- having real lows gives you the opportunity to appreciate genuine happiness
PTSD- simply the best survival instincts around
Bi-Polar- the ability to hit both ends of the spectrum and every step in between so harness that creativity and use it to break boundaries and achieve ALL THE GOALS!
So erm yeah silver linings, looking for the positives etc etc


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