When IBS goes on tour…

There is nothing worse than feeling like at any given moment you will experience horrific stomach cramping followed by shitting yourself. This may seem a little extreme or even brazen of me to discuss but as an IBS sufferer this could genuinely happen to me. I don’t know what it is about going abroad that upsets my stomach but something about it definitely does which tbh just adds to the stress of going on holiday! I wish a fellow member of my family also suffered with this embarrassing condition but they don’t its just me which means when I go away I have to be super duper organised and prepared. As I am convinced I’m not the only one out there who has this issue I thought I would share how I attempt to deal with taking IBS on tour… 

1. Use the prescription drugs- I am on buscapan for IBS which seems to be really helping so far (3 months in) and I can slightly up the dosage if things kick off down south. So before I go away I talk to my doctor and she will give me some extra pillz for the trip

2. I carry enough immodium to constipate most of Manhattan- extreme yes and at home I will avoid using it and just live in the toilet till the literal shit storm passes but while away without constant access to toilets I believe in medical assistance (the incredible mr immodium to the rescue!)

3. Hydration baby- one of the most irritating side effects of diarrhoea is getting majorly dehydrated, so not only do I always carry round several litres of water I also carry oral rehydration sachets that you mix with water to help you rehydrate

4. “Water water everywhere but none that we can drink” – having been in the middle of bloody nowhere without drinking water and resorted to drinking from a stream before I am here to tell you that its a terrible idea for someone with a delicate digestive system such as I! So I carry water purification tablets as I don’t always have boiling apparatus to hand and safe drinking water is so important if one wants to well live

5. Trusty trowel- when heading out to the wilderness especially bear country I always do my best to dig a little poo pit for myself, and yes I have a lightweight foldable trowel for the job, and yes I get ridiculed for carrying it but hey that’s my supportive family for you 😉

6. The emergency backup kit- so just incase the shit hits the pants (see what I did there?!) I carry spare pants and shorts to change into and wet wipes and tissues and a secure plastic bag into which I can place any pooified clothing

So there you go plenty of toilet talk from a girl with IBS, I hope you appreciate my honesty! When possible laughing at oneself is useful when suffering from such an embarrassing ailment but I hope this post has shown you that with a bit of organisation IBS does not need to stop you from doing anything!

Keep healthy and stay brave friends


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