How not to tackle a potential date…

Okay so here are some things I learnt through painfully embarrassing experience…
1. When asked “so what’ve you got up to this afternoon” do not under any circumstance respond with “I google searched your house so I could work out potential escape routes” seriously the male in question will not appreciate it. This is probably a good moment to employ a little white lie such as “I walked the cat” and admit to your inner paranoia.
2. Try to avoid talking about beating up guys e.g. Yeah well the last guy who tried to kiss me ended up with a broken jaw- it turns out this will prevent your “date” from ever making a move, like ever, mainly cos they fear of they do you will attack them.
3. Avoid words like “psychiatrist” “medication” “sectioned” or phrases like “in the home I was known as” “yeah I forgot my pills this one time and…” Because unless the male has an incredible sense of humour and likes his women a little mental he will simply be put off.
4. Do not strap a knife to your thigh- I know that many of you weren’t even considering it but for me my lil knife is my safety blanket and always with me. Only issue is if the date hots up, men do not like removing clothes to find you are concealing a weapon. Also it’s technically illegal here in England so that’s another good reason to leave your knife at home (or at least in your bag)
5. Unless you want the guy to run a mile try to skirt around any previous traumas, especially on the first date, as you run the risk of freaking out a potential new friend and losing them. Yep not good, probably another white lie moment if asked directly or redirected e.g. Pfft what an interesting topic how about we leave that one today ey?
6. Do not stare at him as he prepares drinks as it makes you look like your checking he isn’t drugging you. I mean by all means you should be doing this but if you want to get to date two make it subtle! A stressed out female with paranoia is not sexy and screams high maintenance nutter so personally I avoid that. Oh and jokey comments of “just making sure your not drugging me- I know in case you are let’s swap drinks?!”
Have all of these things happened to me? I’ll let you decide for yourselves 😉 so the one thing you should take away from this post is… No matter how nervous you are on a date remember the brain-mouth filter and do not let it drop. A lack of filter is a very dangerous thing when entering the world of dating, so keep it up especially if you have a tendency to over talk when nervous!!
Hope this has been helpful though I doubt anyone out there has achieved the accolade of all 6 rooky mistakes :L


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