Happy World Mental Health Day!

Today is world mental health day and this year the disease in the spotlight is SCHIZOPHRENIA!! Got to love a bit of representation 😉 so here we go my 5 top facts about schizophrenia…
1. People with schizophrenia arnt dangerous! I mean the odd one might be but chances are it’s probs not cos of the schizophrenia
2. Schizophrenia is kinda an umbrella term for many types of psychosis that people can suffer
3. The worst part of schizophrenia is that no one else can see the war raging in your head, the torment your going through and then they say “but it’s not real” as if you don’t already know!
4. Around 50% of people with schizophrenia don’t have any support for it- this is sad guys and something that frankly I think we should all work to change
5. Unless you are me or a close friend who knows about me and my mental health stuff you may not refer to me as “schizo” it’s just rude
So there you go! Hope you all had a wonderful day tackling stigma, spreading the news and talking about mental health disorders ;D


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