Oooh shizzle…

So right around now I am not my family’s face member. Basically the door handles upstairs are kinda unreliable one minuet they will work fine and others well… good luck getting in or out. So I was innocently trying to go to the bathroom for a shower and BAM the handle won’t turn. Yep. So being the claustrophobic, paranoid gal I am I began to panic. Luckily I had my trusty screwdriver (no it’s not sonic) and began unscrewing the screws. Sadly I could only do this to the inside and in my panic I took a step back and then WAAAM- I kicked down the bloody door with a front kick that my karate instructor would of been proud of. So things I achieved: escaping the room. Things I have also achieved: a complete lack of door which means no privacy, no enclosed safe place (yeah I’m agoraphobic too) and effectively no protective barrier between me and the unknown!! Things I have learnt- try not to kick down your bedroom door in a panic, yep that’s about it


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