Babysitting Tips

Okay so I’ve been in this babysitting business for a few years now and I have gathered up some useful things that are essential for a good night babysitting.

1. Know about the kids- how many, names, ages, basic stuff really but I once had a friend staying over with the kids and I had NO IDEA till this extra kid turned up, sooo not cool
2. Layer up- some houses get proper cold and there are no blankets or pillows. Obviously if you have been to a house before you should have a pretty good idea of the kinda temperatures you will be facing e.g. The house I name the arctic I like to wear two pairs of leggings covered in joggers and several thermal tops and bed socks in my bag for later on in the evening
3. Always pack a torch- after having been on a babysitting job and having a powercut I never go out without my torch as frankly I ain’t a fan of the dark
4. Bring entertainment- for similar reasons to the above tip and you may fail to work the TV or they may not have a TV- shocking I know but it’s happened to me before -.-
5. Bring snacks- some households may have a generously stocked sweetie cupboard but others may leave you some green tea and an orange so if your gonna be there for a while do bring some refreshments!
6. Bring something you find relaxing as occasionally scary/creepy houses can be terrifying to have to stay in at night- hidden grandfather clocks, creepy dolls, creaky floorboards, house full of windows with no curtains yep I have been there and done that and let me tell ya ITS NOT FUN
7. Practice telling your reflection to go to bed- this is a skill you really need to master before trying it out on pesky kids- don’t take shit from these kids stand your ground, think confident thoughts and dear lord keep your cool
8. Be aware of any pets you may be faced with- escaped hamsters, cats sneaking in unexpectedly, poorly dogs that may vomit on you- yeah you have to be on the ball people ON THE BALL

So yeah heed my words guys I have plenty of experience in this region of work!


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