Why I’ve been away for a while

Okay so 18 days ago a horse kicked me in the chest- it was a complete freak accident neither my fault or the horses- but broke 6 ribs. This resulted in a hospital visit cos my dad was worried and that in itself was bloody stressful. Firstly people wanting to prod and poke me and LOOK at my bare skin. Secondly with the whole talking about other marks on my body thing (and trying to convince them to send in females as I can’t have men looking, touching and talking etc). Thirdly having to stay in the hospital and have needles stuck in me for all these tests.
Anyways let me get to the nub and the gist of it all… Broken ribs mean having to do a lot of resting and not being able to do my usual exercise and activities (namely karate, horse riding, climbing and body combat). A lack of exercise has led to me feeling like I am putting on a load of weight and not being able to sleep very well at all and I do not get the same amount of positive endorphins. So basically I am hyper vigilant, depressed and anxious times a gazillion! Oh and my dad is away and he is like a majorly calming influence on me and so supportive.
I know this is not an excuse to not post but heyho I’m bacccckkk 😉


One thought on “Why I’ve been away for a while

  1. Rosso

    Dang that is a lot for anyone to handle. Hang in there and take care of you so you can get back to the activities you enjoy.


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