Popping Pillz

Okay so I realised I havnt really addressed something that I think is very important. I have been on antidepressants for around 1 year and a half now and they really have changed my life, for the better. But I do hear the whole “when are you getting off them” thing like a lot and it irritates me. Would they ask a diabetic when they are getting off the insulin NO so it shouldn’t be any different for me right? I have been battling my mind almost all my life and the medication I am now on helps to even out some important chemicals that my brain needs which cannot sort themselves out so in my case no I don’t think I will ever will get off the pills that I need.
However in some situations I think doctors are far too ready to give out antidepressants or sleeping pills without following up with counselling or therapy. I think in these situations the pills are treating a symptom without actually addressing the problem and that makes me sad. To get NHS mental health care if you are 16+ you seem to have to be committing suicide. This isn’t right!! I know I’m ranting but I firmly believe in treating a patients overall health- if someone has lost a loved one they don’t need pills they need time to grieve and bereavement counselling (perhaps with some medication that over time could be reduced). And if someone needs antidepressants then they should have them without feeling embarrassed about it. Medications shouldn’t be taboo or questioned and antidepressants when used correctly are such a powerful tool I think it would be daft not to utilise them! I know some people won’t go on antidepressants for fear of them turning you into a zombie but that is such an old stereotype and modern day drugs are very effective.
Hopefully this has provided some good for thought and hope y’all have a good evening 🙂 don’t be ashamed guys be proud- if your on antidepressants and they work for you embrace it- I know I do 😉


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