Guilty Little Secrets

Okay here we go some things that not many people know about me…

1. When I’m stressed about school work and sat at my desk I start cutting my hair obsessively one split end at a time to the point where I now have a section of hair (luckily underneath) is realllly short -.-

2. I hate cleaning my teeth with a passion, I have this weird irrational fear of toothbrushes so I find the whole process super stressful

3. I make money from being a groom and riding horses but recently I have been having panic attacks about riding/while riding particularly on horses I know are liable to buck. And it’s not that I can’t sit the buck- I really can! And the stupid thing is as soon as I have given them a good canter or gallop I have no fears at all so yeah pretty damn stupid

4. I have become emotionally attached to my baby fish, sounds alright doesn’t it? Until you consider the fact that I have had about 5 lots of baby fish and there are now too many for my tank all in different stages of development! I need to give some to the aquarium guy but I don’t know which ones to give and which ones are gonna grow up to be the prettiest and if they will all become inbred GAH THIS IS A CONUNDRUM

5. If I am feeling sad I like to spend money and order all kinds of stuff I don’t need online :L


Okay so there y’all go some things o don’t really tell people haha


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