No more scales 

okay so pretty much forever I have felt too fat. It doesn’t help that my whole family is super fit and active and therefore pretty damn thin. Anyways my weight has continually yo-yoed between around 9st and 14.5st. Anyways I love being active and I like fruit but I also have a slight tendency to binge. If I’m feeling a little low I will start eating and then I find it super hard to stop :/ 

Luckily my dad is super supportive of me and will cut up carrots for me so when I feel like I need to be eating I can munch on those. And has helped me realise that I do not need to obsessively weigh myself. In fact relying on a number on the scales to make me happy or depressed is not the way to go! So from now on I am no longer weighing myself, the most important thing is to be fit and healthy not to be “thin” so yep that’s me, no longer weighing myself 😉 


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