Cycle Touring- mission London to Paris is go!!

In November I started going on the turbo trainer in the garage with my bike-mad dad as I smashed in my ribs and wanted to do some form of exercise while they healed. Over the coming months I started training more and more and was enjoying feeling stronger and fitter and my ass seemed to finally get used to the somewhat unforgiving seat! Then I made a mistake- I agreed with dad that it would be cool to have something to aim for, why train just for the sake of it an all that. Suddenly I was plunged into a world of maps, panniers and seriously lightweight packing. Ah shit.

The plan is this…

Day 1: Get the train down to London and then cycle 15 miles to get us to Sutton (getting the fiddly roads out of the way) and hopefully the weather is as nice in London as it is here so we can get some cheesy touristy photos!

Day 2: Set off from Sutton cycle a casual 53 miles (ouch) to get to Newhaven and then from there we get on a Ferry to get across the channel to Diepe

Day 3: Cycle around 50 miles to go from Diepe to Gournay, thankfully this leg looks like it should be pretty and reasonably flat (fingers crossed!)

Day 4: Another 50 mile leg across some relativly flat country on some nice looking tracks to take us from Gournay to Villenne sur Seine

Day 5: Start in Villenne sur Seine and finish in Paris!! We should get there by lunch time so we can spend the rest of the day enjoying and exploring the city- after showering so we don’t scare too many people 😉

Day 6: Enjoy a Parisian breakfast and then head home on various trains.

I am currently so nervous and excited, the idea of setting off with just a bike and panniers is so freeing although my lack of clothing is worrying me a little and i pity the people sat near me on the trains home!! I hope to have wifi at some of the hotels so I can update you guys on how its going and if i end up forcing my dad to give me a backy up the hills!

Georgie over and out!!!


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