Day 1 of London to Paris

Alrighty so we set off on the train today and can i just say for the record that i was cold. Why is this important? Its not really just that i wouldnt be so very cols if someone hadnt forbidden me from bringing a jumper claiming it to be too heavy and unecessary for elite cycle tourists. Well daddybear next time i will be bringing a jumper despite your protestations!

Navigating through London was a pretty intense challenge my favourite moment being when we cycled down a closed road- wondering all the while why it was closed anyways- and ended up gatecrashing a huge salvation army march. Im talking thousands of people most of them in uniform and none of them happy ro see me and dad attempting to weave between them. How embarrassing. I thought that was our bad luck over for today but I was wrong- while finding our way painfully slowly to Sutton we had so many taxis swerve at us and buses get far far too close, my heart was racing! But we persevered feeling like we were in the middle of some sort of awesome action movie and taking so many pictures of all of London’s iconic sights. I truly felt like Joey in friends when he visits London, as I have barely ever been into London let alone see all the main sights in a couple of hours I was super excited as was dad and we elbowed our way through many many humans so that we could selfie- that’s right bitches my dad has discovered selfie-ing! Our day finished by asking a kind policeman how to get to the Holiday Inn as we had cycled round the main streets of Sutton a few times and failed to spot it. Embarrassingly we had actually cycled past it but what’s a bit of extra cycling between friends (or unfortunate family members spending a lot of time and space together). And eating plenty of food with no guilt whatsoever as I have seen the route we are doing tomorrow and oh it has some er challenges… So mission London to Paris is now officially go go go…

An overdramatic Georgie over and out xx

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