Day 2 of L2P

Word of the day? Undulation- which is dad speak for a pretty big hill!

The day started with a fabulous breakfast which i took full advantage of in order to prepare for the day ahead, including hashbrowns which were on point 😉 sadly the day then went downhill although not literally as we had to climb up a pretty big hill before my leggies had even warmed up. There was a moment when dad said “it cant stay this steep for long” when i thought oh dear oh dear i dont think i can do this i will never make it. But i did and then obviously demanded a little break for the purpose of sustenance and also breathing. And so we ventured onwards the day following a similar pattern, rolling countryside, shortish steep hill, quick drink apart from the odd longer food stop until we got to Newhaven ready for the ferry. Unfortunately for the others on the ferry there was no opportunity for me and dad to shower before boarding and we smelt somewhat ripe. Sitting there for four and a half hours with a nice sheen of sticky sweat I was just itching to get to the hotel. When we got off the ferry it was dark and so we used little flashing bike lights to try to help us not get run over, we did get a bit lost but eventually found the correct street. We are staying at the Egg Hotel which provided us a place to store our bikes and let us check in at midnight. I had what felt like the most needed shower of my life and am now in bed resting trying to get some sleep ready for Day 3!!

 The conditions were pretty much perfect as it was really sunny but not too hot and the wind wasn’t too strong. However I now have the most ridiculous tan lines but hey what you gonna do?! As far as bike maintenance goes i had a slightly broken left brake but dad quickly sorted that after i crashed into him at a junction! I also created a drawstring for my poor old pannier as i felt like all my stuff was gonna fall out. So a casual 53 miles done including a cheeky 1000m ascent AND we are now in France.

Aurevoi ladies and gentlemen,

Georgie 😊

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