Day 3 of L2P

I love France! Day 3 started with large croissants and hot chocolate delivered by a lovely lady/hotel manager person who taught me how to ask if someone could please fill my water bottle in French so that I can continue to ask kind cafe owners to keep me hydrated! And I enjoyed learning some French, it made me wish I knew more and now that exams are over I will certainly get back to learning it.

The first 35 miles of the cycle was pretty much completely flat and we went on an old disused railway track called the Avenue Verte. It went through farmland and all of the architecture along it was absolutely stunning old farmy building most restored complete with goats or chickens or horses in their gardens. It was a really humid day though so all of my skin was moist with sweat, water and sun cream which ment whenever we passed through a swarm of flies (which was often) most of the flies stuck to my arms and legs. Delightful. When I took off my clothes later I found I had flies inside my bra and just generally all over me! But I still enjoyed this stretch of the ride 😊

We stopped for lunch before continuing on the final part of todays journey. It was through rolling countryside and my legs were so tired I started to dread the downhill as I knew it would end in another uphill section. At one point our route took us down round a sweeping section of road before shaply turning off to the left and back up a steep hill ending at the top of the road we had just been down. This made me question the navigation of my dear dad again but I should of had faith as soon enough we found our way to the hotel for the night- which was closed- hmm. Luckily a French family arrived at the same time and called the hotels number and someone came and let us in. It was the cygnet hotel in Gournay and is filled with paintings done by the hotel owner which I really liked. As we got to the hotel early (3pm) I took the opportunity to wash out both of my sets of cycling kit as if I’m honest I really smelled. I also did this to try and guilt trip dad into washing his kit as he is also smelling a little ripe. I had a little nap and then we headed out to get some more food rations for tomorrow and to eat.

There you go day 3 complete and one step closer to Paris! When I get home I will post more exact details on our route, kit and cycle touring advice if anyone’s interested 😃

Georgie over and out

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