Day 4 of L2P

So i ate nearly a whole baguette for breakfast today with loads of homemade jam or as the French call it ‘confiture’. Today was by far the hilliest of all the days with around 1500m ascent. Weather also started off badly and we were soaked through within the first hour. This ment that for the first time all tour i started chaffing 😞 not impressed. The countryside was awesome though, just so many fields of golden corn etc in a proper patchwork quilt around us. We passed through loads of sleepy little villages, each one had at least one church and some had abbeys! The architecture was beautiful and nearly all the houses had cute little gardens and ivy growing up the sides of their houses, it really is the kind of place I would like to live someday. And there were loads of cows, donkeys, horses, chicks s etc and being a wannabe vet this wad just the icing on the cake! Embarrassingly I fell off my bike today, at about 4 miles an hour, I blame hayfever- I sneezed and next thing I knew I had come off the side of the road and was under my bike. Dad failed to notice this and carried on down the road leaving me to wiggle free of the bikey mess- don’t worry guys I managed to break free like the strong independent woman I am 😉

We stopped at a village called Marines and there was the best restaurant there called “Kington” and i had such a good homemade bacon cheesburger with chips (also homemade). It was soooo good i could of eaten two of them! I was under the impression that after Marines we started to head downhill as we where sort of ontop of this plateau we had climbed. I was wrong. As delightful as the ride continued to be there were too many hills. It got to the point were jusy seeing an unhill gradient made me cry inside just a little bit. I wish my dad could get out of breath like me on the hills as he just makes me feel unfit. Eventually we ended up going down a steep hill and then had some interesting navigation to get on to a bridge that crossed the river Seine. After this mu leader took us on some weird route that ended up on some gravel tracks which our road bikes did not like at all. Then we had the toughest bit yet, we were only a mile and a half away from the hotel but the hills to get from the riverside up to it were seriously nasty with a severe gradient that was not short lived :L but as always we got there and now I’m all clean and ready to get my hands on some food again 😃

Georgie over and out

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