Day 5 of L2P

I MADE IT TO PARIS! Over 220 miles done and dusted and even more surprisingly im still smiling!!

I have to commend the creators of the route me and dad followed today as it was awesome. We began on woodland tracks which wernt too bumpy and a really nice gradient. Mosied on down to Versaille (and got told off for cycling in the wrong place oops), carried on to Parc Cloud and eventually ended up in the Bois de Boulogne. So basically we got to within a mile of Paris avoiding all main roads! That soon ended though as frankly there is no way to avoid busy roads when entering the centre of Paris…

I have learnt that on the roads of Paris it is quite literally everyman for himself, the blinkers go on and even red lights seem to mean nothing. I followed dad with grim determination getting ever closer to our official end point of the eiffel tower. Two falls off my bike and one getting hit by a slow moving car incident later we were then- the foot of the eiffel tower. Not to state the obvious but its so big! Not just tall but like wide and of course swarming with people (none of whom appeared to have cycled in btw). We took our cliche pictures and ate cereal bars then got the hell out of there and all the people. We went through the Tuillerie- another area your not allowed to cycle through- and actually stopped to have some lunch which i felt was long overdue at 2:30 in the afternoon! At the end of the Tuillerie is the Louvre, which i have always wanted to visit. One day i will go back to Paris and go inside the Louvre! Next was another absolutely insane bit of cycling on the roads of Paris- this time the cycle lane doubled up as the bus, taxi and motorbike lane so things were pretty wild up until ws found our hotel!

After scrubbing up a bit we walked to Sacre Coeur (clearly we hadnt done enough exercise) and then walked up Sacre Coeur to get the the top dome from which you can see all of Paris. It was a really special moment with dad and one i will never forget. Ita been such a lovely journey and i have loved every minuet of it (except maybe the minuets when I was chaffing, going up another steep hill, falling off the bile, getting lost etc). I cant wait for the next cycle tour and me and dad have already started brainstorming ideas for it!

So for now a very very tired but proud Georgie over and out 😘  via WordPress for Phone


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