When IBS goes on tour…

There is nothing worse than feeling like at any given moment you could experience horrific stomach cramps followed by a literal shit storm (scuse the explicit details and horrendous pun) but for me going on holiday seems to make my usual IBS ten times worse. I wish another family member experienced a similar issue but alas they do not so it falls down to me to take care of myself. How do I do this I hear you cry? Well friends with a little bit of stress and alot of preparation, and as I am convinced I cannot be the only person out there suffering from this housebinding condition I thought I would share with you all my accumulated wisdom…

1. Medication- i am on a prescription of buscapan for IBS and if im going on holiday i can go and get a bit higher doasage for the time im going to be away

2. Immodium- normally if things get over excited down south i just live in my toilet but on holiday without constant access to a toilet i take with me enough immodium to constipate most of manhattan!

3. Hydration Baby- one of the most irritating side effects of diarrhoea is dehydration, so as well as carrying several litres of water I take oral rehydration sachets with me (the kind you put in water to help replace electrolytes and salts etc and obviously rehydrate you!)

4. “Water water everywhere but none that we could drink”- having ended up in the middle of bloody nowhere without water drinking from a stream I am here to tell you what a terrible idea that is for a girl with a delicate digestive system like me! So as I don’t always carry water boiling aparatus I do carry water purification tablets so I can stay hydrated the safe way.

5. My trusty trowel- as my family and I often and up in the wilderness I always carry my lightweight folding trowel for digging emergency poo pits (something especially useful in bear country) and though everyone ridicules me for this little gadget I don’t care and reckon they are probs just jealous.

6. The emergency back up plan- this is for if and when the shit hits the pants (see what I did there?) and includes spare clean pants and shorts as well as tissues, wet wipes and of course a sturdy plastic bag to securely place the soiled garments into, I’m nothing if not cleanliness conscious, oh and classy definitely classy 😉  

So there you have it my very own survival guide for the IBS people out there, the literal party poopers, the crap crusaders battling a condition that lets face it is just downright embarrassing. Hope this is helpful, informative or just a good laugh for the unaflicted,

Georgie over and out

#keep on crapping

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