Talk Them Down 

When things are getting tough and the negative bastards in my head are taking control I have created a new strategy*

*im not a professional I just started doing this and it works so i wanted to share it so please don’t shoot me if this is actually some proper technique or is copywrited etc 

Basically I try to create some space between me and the problem so that I can think it through in a more healthy way, instead of just ending up in a negative spiral. I like to imagine that someone else, a friend or stranger has approached me with this problem and do some role playing (oh er) because I know I am much kinder to other people than I am to myself! This is hard to explain so here is an example of a recurring negative thought I have- that I am fat and unattractive… 

Ladies and gentleme, boys and girls welcome to Georgie’s cinema featuring a short film on problem solving or as a professional might see it severe split personality disorder and yet another reason why Georgie should be institutionalised, ahem that was a joke folks not a cry for help so now on with the showwwww 

ME 1: I feel so fat and unattractive 

ME 2: Oh dear what has led you to that conclusion? 

ME 1: I am just so fat I can’t stand to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and no one seems to be interested in anything more than laughing with/at me 

ME 2: And what do your friends or family say to you when you ask how you look etc? 

ME 1: They either brush it off with a you look fine as they clearly think I’m unattractive and feel uncomfortable lying to me or they give me some sort of insincere compliment 

ME 2: But don’t people sometimes comment on how you look without prompting? 

ME 1: Yes but it must be because they feel sorry for me 

ME 2: in my experience people are too self absorbed to worry about how you feel and then come up with some elaborate lie, it’s much more likely that they looked at you and thought you looked soooo good they must tell you! 

ME 1: that logic is hard to argue but I wish I felt less unattractive 

ME 2: girl you get up and put on your favourite clothes and cover up the damn mirror because you deserve to feel good so avoid negative triggers, put those shoulders back and kick on with your day I garentee by the end of it you will be feeeling better and hopefully you will be busy enough throughout the day to stop obsessing over how you look because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter that much and anyone deserving of your time will love you for who you are and not how you look 

The end 

Okay so that may not of been the best example but I find this activity genuinly works for me or at least helps me to use some logic. Sometimes it’s just a case of lifting yourself out of a negative cycle a time bit so that you are functional and not just a big ol ball of incessant negative thoughts! 

As ever feedback is always welcome, 



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