Am I Dreaming…? 

As many of you are aware yesterday was Alevel results day, or as I have been calling it “doomsday” oh and it was the 13th and I have a phobia of the number 13. I barely slept and was not looking forwards to ucas track being updated, having failed last year I couldn’t imagine anything worse than the feeling of failing again. I knew it wouldn’t just be me I let down but my family, friends, teachers, everyone who has supported me! So it was with some serious apprehension that I logged into ucas (literally muscles tensed, teeth gritted, eyes scrunched almost closed) as I read the word “congratulations” I stopped breathing convinced it wasn’t really saying I had got into uni. I read it again and again and then got my dad to read it to, he started jumping around shouting but I was still just sat in disbelief. 

24hrs have passed and I still don’t believe it even after calling up the university of Liverpool to check. But I do know that something amazing has happened after the last 3 insane years and that this could be the start of a whole new chapter of my life. I know I wouldn’t of achieved this if it wasn’t for the continued support of family, friends and a few special teachers so to all those people thank you! And to the friends who disappeared during my illness and to all those who doubted me I have nothing to say to you other than look at me now. 

Peace out from a very dazed Georgie (veterinary science student at the university of Liverpool) 


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